“There’s beauty all around us”

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It’s so true! You could be going through a horrible experience, overcoming a loss, battling a sickness or having personal battles with yourself. However, have you in those moments, taken a step back, and looked. Not just seen, but looked at all that is around you? 

I remember a story of a man who took his son out on a trip to see how life was lived for the poor. He wanted to teach his son the value of appreciation and being grateful for all that they had. Trying to get him to see how different their lives were…Once the day had gone by and they were heading home in their car, the father asked the son what he had learnt from this trip. I don’t think his dad was expecting such an answer, when he started to speak…He said that they had a few lights at night to help them see, yet these people had thousands of “lights” through the stars. They had a back yard with high fences, here the fields went on for miles. They had one dog, here there were five. They had a somewhat small pool compared to their huge dam…

I can’t remember the exact story and exactly what was said, however isn’t it so true that when you look for the beauty around you, you will see how blessed you are and how blessed others may be? You may not be where you want to be right now or where you thought you may be, but be grateful that you are simply alive. You are still on this beautiful planet and can still offer so much. You may be facing a health battle but look how blessed you still are, it could be much worse. You may not be driving the best of the best car, at least you have wheels. You may have to walk for miles, at least you have shoes on to protect your feet. I could go on with examples for ages!

If you get the chance, at night go out and look at the “lights” in the sky. In the morning, look at the birds flying by on the way to work or if you can, have breakfast in the garden. Breath in the sweet air that we have for free! You are so blessed, no matter where you may be in the world right now.

Look more, and see less. 🙂 

I’ll leave this here:

“Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.” – Anne Frank


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