Getting the will power and motivation to do something can be pretty tough. Even more so when in pain. I kind of see it like a jig saw puzzle, where you try to figure out how to piece the puzzle together and plan every piece that you put down. You can apply this to anything that you may be struggling to find motivation for or needing to do…

You see, just how you plan to put the piece that fits in the right place, you need to motivate and train your mind first before putting your body in place. One thing that I have found extremely hard is doing the stretches I have been assigned to do by the specialist. Who wants to do them in pain? The thing is though, sometimes you need to just do it. Push through…That doesn’t mean doing it everyday, all day…you could even start at it once a week. The fact is though you are pushing your mind to its limit and training it to not just accept what is. This could be you right now, wanting to better themselves, starting a new career or a new job, deciding whether to make the change or not. Sometimes, just go with your head…

What I like about a puzzle is that it can teach you to see the bigger picture before you begin. It teaches you not to quit, that some pieces go together and some do not and most importantly each piece is different. Of course we can apply this to our lives, we need to see the bigger picture when starting something and work towards it. We need to not quit the moment a “piece” does not fit in our lives. We need to accept that there will always be some people we get along with and some we do not and that’s okay. We are ALL a part of the big puzzle of life. And, lastly each one of us is different and we have been made that way for a reason. Life would be absolutely boring if we were all the same.

So train that amazing mind of yours that you can push through tough times, you can push through the pain.. You can change career and you will be amazing at that new job. When we train our minds, every thought and idea comes together like a puzzle…

gray scale photo of jigsaw puzzle
Photo by Markus Spiske on

I’ll leave this here: 

“When you feel like quitting, think about why you started.” – Unknown.

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