“With pain, comes change”

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I can personally vouch for this, that with pain, there comes change. There’s pain that hurts you and pain that changes you. I’ve experienced, and to be honest am still experiencing both. Pain, with change, challenges you. You get to discover more about yourself and challenge yourself, not only physically and mentally. It’s a constant battle and go-between your mind and your body. You can take the concept of looking through a magnifying glass. First you look at something at a whole, but then you use the magnifying glass to look deeper, to take a closer look and truly see what makes up that object or picture. You may look fine on the outside, like myself. Looking at myself, you can’t see the huge scar going down the back of my back. If you were to look closer though you would. You will see that there is a lot to a person. We are made up of many different parts and personalities.

selective focus photo of magnifying glass
Photo by fotografierende on Pexels.com

Now, you can either fall into the trap of self-doubt and giving in to your thoughts or you can challenge yourself and push yourself in these times of struggle. It’s a blessing in disguise really. I’m discovering new things about myself on this journey. Which is far from over. It’s been over three months since my second car accident and my back is still struggling, yet I am not and determined to not just settle with “don’t knows” and “what if’s”. I am still on the journey to find out what exactly is causing my pain and to get back to where I once was. Am I the same person after all this? Of course not. 

I have discovered a love for craft. It keeps my mind busy as well as allows me to express myself and try new things. I have a stronger resilience to what is thrown my way. I have a much stronger determination to get what you deserve. I have a greater appreciation for my health. Of course, pain hurts you, physically. You do not need to feel bad that it does. You just need to try keep pushing forward and keep going on. Taking it day by day.

person holding magnifying glass
Photo by Maurício Mascaro on Pexels.com

So yes, with pain comes change. It’s a fact and you won’t be the same. You will learn from it and come out stronger than before. They say that you only grow through hard times and I find that to be true. So keep going, and try take it day by day. Use it as an opportunity for self-discovery. This could relate to any pain you may be experiencing, not just physically but mentally too. You are a lot stronger than you think you are! Being strong doesn’t mean putting on a front, it means being vulnerable and allowing yourself to be. Be honest and be raw!

I’ll leave this here:

“Some of the greatest changes come from pain.” – Unknown


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