“A season in life…”

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With life, comes seasons and no, not just the seasons that change the weather. Seasons that come and go, that change and grow. Seasons that impact us and help us become whom we are meant to be. Life is full of seasons. 

cold snow black and white road
Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

If you were to sit down and truly have a good, hard look at your life. You will see that there were certain stages (seasons) that pushed you in one direction or from another. People who may have left after a while or those who have become an even stronger impact on your life. You see, we are in a certain position for a certain season. Then, when it passes, so do we. We grow and go along with the change. Embrace it! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with change and with it. You discover more about yourself and find out what truly matters. 

Career wise alone, I have had very different seasons. They have helped me become the best person I can be for the job and I will still continue to grow. The only thing though, is you can not grow without change. Sticking in one season for years on end is not good for you, or anyone else for that matter. You need to go through and explore different seasons to get to where you meant to be. Leaving a really good job and position to go in to the unknown is the most terrifying and exciting feeling of all time. I know I am finally “home” now. Just put up the sails and go with the wind. 

People. Yes, people! They are in our lives too, and some for just a season. In that season they are there for a reason. We may not know it in the time but they leave an impact and teach you something. And just how seasons change, so do people and that is okay! The very rare though are the ones you need to treasure. Those who have been there from the start, or who have been there through the good and the bad. Those who haven’t gone with the seasons, but have embraced them and changed with them and with you.

So yes, life is full of seasons and change. Embrace it though. Sometimes, just sometimes it is better to go with the change than try to fight it, as you can not grow if you sit it one place forever.

I’ll leave this here:

“I have resolved to live, not just endure each season of my life.” – Unknown.




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