“If I knew then, what I know now…”

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I’ve always wondered if what we are taught at school, through-out our schooling career would prepare us for the future…Get us ready to go out into the unknown and take on the big wide world. While we at school, being told what to do, taking subjects that we don’t really have a choice over, we are also not really, to be honest, living for the future…that being life after school, are we? The unknown is where we really learn and have to in order to survive the future that lies ahead.

I wish we were taught things such as tax, insurance, interest, savings, health care, about a provident or pension fund and all those things that hit us in the face the minute we leave high school and then graduate from university. You never ready for what life throws at you, but at least we could have been better prepared. 

Looking back I wish I had started saving from a younger age, that I had embraced and I mean fully embraced every opportunity thrown my way. That I had said yes a lot more. That I had really appreciated the freedom of no worries while being in school. You always so ready to be an adult, but yet we don’t actually know how blessed we are when we are younger. 

You can never go back in life, literally but you can keep going forward and preparing yourself for the future and what lies ahead. I can only try to learn along the way. The concept of you wish you knew then what you know now could also relate to any avenue in your life and any choices you have made along the way. All I can say is fully embrace where you are and don’t think you stuck in a rut. Just like with technology and the world, you keep changing, keep learning and keep growing. I guess we can only share our own experiences as we go along. 

road passing through landscape against blue sky
Photo by ChristianeFe. photography on Pexels.com

I’ll leave this here:

“All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.” – Unknown

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