In a world where chaos seems to be the norm of late, hatred is at an all time high and people are just plain nasty to each other. I think it’s time we get back down to the basics and remember that we all end up the same…in the ground!

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People are so quick of late to lash out. I think it’s come to a point where we need to THINK MORE AND ACT LESS. We shouldn’t be living in a world where you are too scared to speak up or reach out for the fear of how society may judge you. Be kind! Smile more, and be a listening ear. Not just for people you are close too…the lady or man at the grocery store, a simple, “hello, how are you?” could make their day. Everyone you meet is on their own path and journey in this life and every one of us may be facing things that no one knows about. 


Imagine a world where you are able to speak out without the fear of judgement. A world where kindness is bringing people together. A world where people genuinely care for one another. Wouldn’t that just be great! And, yes I know you may not feel like smiling at someone on that particular day because you may be facing a struggle of your own, however sometimes we need to take a step back and think of others and how grateful we are. Smiling is a universal language! SMILE MORE! You may be impacting a life more than you know, while changing your own. 

Be supportive of one another. Reach out and be kind! It’s that simple!!!

I’ll leave this here:

“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always. ” – Unknown

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